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Sawyer Nursery has been growing perennial plants for 65 years and during that time has earned a reputation for unsurpassed quality. Sawyer is the leading supplier of perennial plants to big box retail stores in the Great Lakes region (or Midwest). In those states Sawyer is the exclusive supplier of perennials to Walmart, Meijer, Rural King and Family Farm & Home. Sawyer Nursery has two facilities, one in Michigan and the other in Alabama, to allow for greater diversity in varietal offerings and ready dates. Sawyer grows over 450 varieties in containers ranging from one quart to three gallon sizes. In 2024 Sawyer will ship 6 million perennials to approximately 900 retail stores. Sawyer is unique in that all replenishment orders are custom-designed for each store based on what’s been sold and quantities on-hand. With the combination of superior quality, in-store merchandising and custom replenishment, Sawyer perennials enjoy a high sell-thru at the retail level. With Sawyer Nursery’s reputation for quality, service and profits, it’s no wonder that Sawyer has enjoyed years of exclusivity with its big box customers.

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